Quality Statement

We thought that we would explain why we reckon we offer the best quality and value for money products on our site for you hockey-mad people.

First of all we are not part of the traditional chain of retailing. This is where the manufacturer supplies the goods to a brand or wholesaler who then sells on to the retailer who then sells to you.
Our chain is simple and effective- we use hockey players like you to help us design the sticks, we work with the manufacturers to put those designs into practise and then we supply them to you.
No wholesaler means no middle man and no additional costs- these savings are passed on to you.
That%u2019s why we can absorb delivery costs in the price of the stick and still give great value to our customers.

What about the 12 month guarantee?
Yep, we are offering this on our %u2018Storm%u2019 stick.
The story behind this was that when we went to the manufacturers and said that we wanted to offer this to our customers they said %u2018 ha ha ha ha ha he he he he ha ha ha %u2018, They also said that nobody offers this- we said that this is why we wanted to offer it to our customers.
Anyway to cut a long story short we at Hockey Heaven are underwriting this guarantee- which means that if the stick breaks in normal playing conditions because of a manufacturing fault within 12 months we will replace it.
This is a genuine guarantee for genuine people. This means that if anyone does try the ‘oh the stick broke 11 months and 20 days after I purchased it’, we will know because deliberately broken sticks break in a certain way. We will always offer a replacement but we may decide to withdraw this guarantee at any time should people try and abuse the system.
Having said that our returns are less then 2% which is remarkable since we were told by experts to expect 6% which is standard in the industry. if you take into account that Internet or mail order has a return rate in the twenties then you will appreciate that our equipment is genuinely top notch.

What about the quality?
The reason that we believe that we can offer the highest quality is that we do not mass produce the sticks. Our manufacturer has allocated a master stick maker to us and that means that we can vouch for the quality of the work.
It also means that there is accountability and responsibility in the manufacturing process all the way down the line.
The great advantage is that we can continue to improve our sticks throughout the season, and we can guarantee that the sticks are %u2018freshly made%u2019. We can change the specification, the reinforcement and in some cases we could even make sticks to an individuals exact requirements- an example is that a customer wanted a 40.5%u201D stick that weighed 22 ounces, we did it%u2026. at no extra cost.

What about Composite sticks?
We started later then other brands when it came to these sticks but we are making up for lost time. We have used lessons learnt by the others and, brought into the market sticks that compete with the best and at better prices.
We also get several shipments per year and not just the one once a year. This means that everytime we get a shipment we improve the stick from feedback we receive. This dialogue is ongoing and the boss will have spoken to some of you during his Thursday night customer calls. Our whole manufacturing process has improved since our launch in October 2000.

What about the other products?
Same rules apply. We want to offer real value, we go direct to the manufacturer and we pass on the cost savings.
We insist to all our manufacturing partners that we do not compromise on quality%u2026. And they agree with us.
Our club kit is being worn by more and more people, our reversible fleeces have taken the apres hockey apparel to new heights. We use the likes of Nike and Adidas as our benchmarks. We want our stuff to be as good as theirs until one day they may want their stuff to be like ours!.
So buy from Hockey Heaven with confidence %u2026%u2026 and please tell your friends about us.